Property Tax Reduction News 

Homeowners like you are feeling the pain of high school and property tax assessments. You may have filed for STAR or other exemptions, but you may still be paying more than your fair share of taxes because of your property tax assessment.

Due to current market conditions, there has never been a better time to challenge your property tax assessment!

ZapMyTax can help! We are Property Tax Reduction Specialists and have been helping homeowners like you reduce their property tax assessments since 1986.

Take these simple steps today to begin taking full advantage of our Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County tax reduction services to save money on your property taxes:

  • Look at our ZapMap to see how our property tax reduction specialists have helped homeowners in your own neighborhood lower their property tax assessment
  • Authorize us to file a tax grievance on your behalf


We are only paid when we are successful in reducing your property tax assessment; if we don't reduce your taxes, there is no fee! Please consider our No Risk approach to saving hundreds - even thousands - of dollars on your annual property tax bill.

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