Our Leadership Team

Peter J. Cohen - Founder

Peter's career in real estate spans more than 25 years.  He has renovated, developed, built and sold tens of millions of dollars of Long Island real estate.  When he realized the importance of property being assessed fairly, Peter founded Property Assessment Correction Group (PACG) and ZapMyTax.

During Peter's earlier years of developing property, the same top 2 questions were asked - “what's the asking price” and “what are the property taxes”.  After successfully grieving his own property taxes and those of close friends, starting a property tax consulting business was the natural next step for the passionate Long Island real estate entrepreneur. 

To this day, Peter is still advocating for Long Island homeowners.  He is constantly researching and obtaining the latest property information and the technology to use it.  Peter has also, along with a team of professional tax reduction consultants, designed state-of-the art appraisal software.

His latest achievement is ZapMyTax.com, an online tax reduction service enabling homeowners to easily file property tax grievances that result in tax reductions.  

Laurie J. Fey - President

Laurie joined Peter in 1992 after deciding that the New York City commute wasn't “family friendly.”  Laurie left her advertising career behind in pursuit of conquering the Long Island real estate market.  She has been financing, buying, developing and selling real estate with Peter for the past 17 years. 

After managing property and projects for several years with Peter, it was without hesitation that she accepted the CEO position with Property Assessment Correction Group.  Laurie is leading the way to ensure that homeowners are educated about their most valuable asset and making full use of the property tax reduction services that ZapMyTax offers N.Y. homeowners.  “It is my goal to be a part of something that helps people.”

Laurie continues to keep her hooks in real property and looks forward to spending her free time with her husband and two sons.

Jeanette - Appraisal Manager

Over the last 7 years, Jeanette has worked as an independent Real Estate Appraiser while raising a family. In 2010 she joined PACG bringing her expertise and knowledge of the five boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties. Her professional appraisal experience has given her the tools to negotiate thousands of property tax assessment cases for Suffolk.

When she is not at the office, Jeanette still keeps active in the appraisal industry. In her free time, she enjoys weekends boating with her family and being with her friends.

Dee - Client Financial Support

Dee enjoyed over 20 years as manager in the investigative field prior to joining our team.  Her keen focus and attention to detail makes her an invaluable customer support.  

She enjoys guiding customers through the process and prides herself on knowing the ins and outs of the tax grievance business.  She will make sure she has the answer to any question that may arise.  And, we can always trust her to go the extra mile.  If she doesn’t know the answer – she will definitely find it!

In her spare time, Dee likes to travel, bowl and spends every quality moment with her grandchildren.

Barbara - Court Coordinator

Barbara spent many years as a Consumer Affairs representative for a Fortune 500 company based in New York City.  She has enjoyed much professional recognition, including the coveted “You Can Make a Difference” award.

Barbara prides herself on making sure her clients fully understand their case.  She always adds that special personal touch and that is why she is so popular among our clients. Her quick smile and helpful attitude has made her known in the office “Saint Barb”.

Barbara is able to juggle a barrel full of client information and manages to keep it all “court” ready.  When she's done with ZapMyTax, she heads home to her family.

Judy - Client Financial Coordinator

After spending most of her career as an office manager for a boutique investment advisory firm in NYC, Judy came aboard ZapMyTax to revamp billing and our collections department. She ensures that each client that utilizes our tax reduction services is apprised of his or her tax savings. 

In her free time, Judy enjoys working out, travelling and spending time with her children.


James - Marketing and Client Relations

James joined ZapMyTax shortly after graduating from the University of Mississippi. James holds a bachelors degree in marketing and focuses on risk-management and insurance. James runs social media and digital campaigns while also working in traditional advertising and marketing mediums.

In his free time, James enjoys football, working out and time with his close friends and family. Born and raised in Massapequa.

Ed - Real Estate Appraiser

Over the last 15 years, Ed has worked as a New York State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, within the Metro New York area. In 2013 Ed joined Zapmytax bringing his extensive knowledge of the five boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties. Since 2009 Ed has negotiated thousands of property tax assessment cases in Suffolk county. 

In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, the beach and spending time with his family.

Maria - Director of Marketing

Maria joined ZapMyTax in the summer of 2015 after serving many years as acting Art DIrector for high profile brands such as Fairway Like No Other Market®, Kings Building Materials and collaborations with Merkley + Partners and Starbucks, to name a few. She brings to ZapMyTax a fresh, innovative style through traditional and modern channels. Her creative + design works and photography have been featured in numerous magazines (traditional and digital) including CNN, Newsweek, National Geographic... in the US and abroad.

Maria loves to surf year round with her husband in Long Beach and enjoys an active lifestyle with her husband and two children.